Terrestrial Mobility

space_Veins supports microscropic traffic models thanks to the integration of SUMO. SUMO supports various types of road traffic participants like cars, busses, trains, trucks, cyclists and pedestrians.

Satellite Mobility

The mobility of satellites is simulated with the help of the SGP4 model. This model requires NASA/NORAD Two-Line Element sets in order to model the orbit of a satellite based on actual measurement data.

Combining Coordinate Systems

Since the models for satellite and terrestrial mobility differ in all of scale, speed, distance and dimensionality, space_Veins implements the Satellite Observer Position (SOP) centric approach in order to integrate all mobility models in the same Cartesian coordinate system, which is then used to simulate Vehicle-to-Satellite and Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication. For more details, please read the following publications:

  1. Mario Franke and Christoph Sommer, “Toward Space-Air-Ground Integrated Network Simulation with 4D Topologies,” Proceedings of 19th IEEE/IFIP Conference on Wireless On demand Network Systems and Services (WONS 2024), Chamonix, France, January 2024.
    [PDF and Details…]
  2. Mario Franke, Florian Klingler and Christoph Sommer, “Poster: Simulating Hybrid LEO Satellite and V2X Networks,” Proceedings of 13th IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC 2021), November 2021.
    [PDF and Details…]